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Don't recreate the wheel. We've done the ground work for you.

Ready to Use.

Just Adapt and Apply.

Learners who sign up for Smartclasses will receive these tools free of charge.

Included in the Event Virtual Smart Box:
  • A Step by Step Event Blueprint
  • Smart Planner Cheat Sheet
  • Client Interview Form
  • Event Goals And Objectives Strategy
  • Scope + Research Plan and Checklist
  • Swot Analysis Form
  • Proposal & Pitch Checklist
  • Event & Design Strategy and Checklist
  • Administration, Procurement and Information Plan and Checklist
  • Cost Management Plan, Templates and Examples
  • Budget Template
  • Marketing Strategy Template
  • Operations Strategy, Checklist and Examples
  • Décor and Design Management Strategy and Checklist
  • Entertainment Management Strategy and Checklist
  • Housing Management Strategy and Checklist
  • Infrastructure and Logistics Management Strategy and Checkli
  • Speaker Management Checklist
  • Technical Production Management
  • Catering Management Checklist
  • Site Management Checklist
  • Site Visit Form
  • Risk Strategy and Checklist
  • Setup & Breakdown Schedule: Example and Template
  • Food & Beverages Matrix: Example and Template
  • Accommodation Matrix: Example and Template
  • Flight & Transport Schedule Template
  • Post Event Checklist
  • And much much more.

Why Buy?

Smart Event Planner follows a step by step process from the beginning to the end so every aspect of an event is included. It includes not only event checklists and templates but includes event plans and strategies ensuring you don't forget anything. Designed for event planners by an event planner.

Easy to Use Word and Excel Formats:
Start using it straight away. No need to load software. Just adapt and apply.

Customise and Brand:
Add your company's branding - make it your own.

The most comprehensive, complete, practical
and user friendly event planner checklist ever!

Individuals: 1 user * R850 including vat
Company: 5 users or more *R3400 including VAT

Terms and Conditions Apply.


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