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  All Day Workshop
  Wednesday, 24 May 2017
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Code:   EVENT MAN.
Venue:   City Lodge Fourways
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Price/s:   Corporates = R 3,500.00
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Learning Outcomes:
• Whether you are coordinating a single booking or group booking this course is for you.
• Learn how to manage event operations and logistics.
• Manage rooms, resources, people and places.
• From booking hotel rooms to integrating travel, we will show you how to manage these processes seamlessly along with your other event planning processes.

We cannot emphasize more the importance of event logistics management. Logistics composes the lifeblood of event planning. A poor logistics coordination or failed communication can make or break a flawlessly planned event. Even seasoned corporate event planners, or specialists in event planning logistics, key in every single detail to ensure precise resource management and specifications of an event.

Managing the hotel reservations and accommodation needs of their attendees will often become the most important and time-consuming task meeting planners will face.
While many meeting planners will direct attendees to a hotel’s reservation team or to a third-party housing company, others may choose to keep full control of hotel reservations in-house.

Whether you have one hotel, five or even more, managing accommodations is an ongoing and challenging task. You want your attendees to have a positive experience with all aspects of the event and offering a highly personalised service can play a key role.

We will show you how using case studies and examples of real life events.

Program Outline:

• Services for travelers and tourists.
• How to create a seamless experience.
• Meet and greets.


• Selecting the right housing provider.
• How to complete a proper site visit?
• Housing reservation process.
• Negotiating with housing provider.
• Hotel room reservations.
• Room block bookings.
• Managing the payment process.
• Rooming list management.
• Hotel registration process: Pitfalls and solutions.
• Budgeting and budget friendly options including costing: per room or per person or sharing cost, taxes and VAT.
• Managing incidentals.
• Managing your guest list and logistics requirements.
• Commissions.
• Technology options to manage the process
• Managing groups efficiently and easily.
• Providing a one-stop process for your registrants in which they sign-up, pay, get hotel room, get flight, and receive all relevant follow-up communications
• Managing guests credit cards when making a housing request so the hotel can then have the card number on file.
• Manage roommate requests and enable roommate matching. Room mate pairing: How to manage sharing rooms.
• Collect requests regarding hotel stays, flights and car rentals
• Personalize itineraries, directions and confirmations
• Communicate seamlessly with housing provider, travel agents and event attendees to easily manage room blocks and travel bookings.
• Different room types and how to manage them in the budget and in planning
• How to manage the contract and critical cut off dates to avoid penalties. Understanding contracts, terms and conditions.
• Special needs and accessibility
• Managing and coordinating early and late check ins.
• Porterage, luggage storage, special room requirements.
• Incidentals management.
• Sharing, single, family room or self catering rooming requirements.
• Reservation protocols and methods.
• Amenities, in-room deliveries and room drops.
• On-site bill review instructions and third-party billing instructions.
• Managing group arrivals/departures.


Planes, trains and automobiles… just some of the many travel options your groups or attendees have in traveling to, from and during your event. 
For some event professionals, transportation plays a big role in the experience you provide to your guests .Building a flawless transportation plan can be a big undertaking, but with a our solutions you can keep your event running smooth.

• Passports, IDs vaccination and visa requirements.
• Travel policies.
• Communicating with travelers.
• Booking, coordinating and managing flights.
• First class/economy class seats.
• Pre booked seat allocation, booking online, confirming seats online.
• Ticket Issuing Method: Electronic or self service.
• Coordinating flight times in conjunction with accommodation check in and out times.
• Regional, national and international flights.
• International travel – procurement of visas, work permits, customs, entrance and exit fees, per diem etc.
• Optimize hotel and transport expenses, optimize travel policies and ensure compliance by employees, develop performance indicators, manage meetings and events, improve travel experience for employees, and even deal with safety and prevention necessities.


• Transporting customers to and from the event.
• Transportations strategies and solutions.
• Liaising with a travel department.
• How to manage people while managing budget.
• Plan B.
Who Should Attend:
Designed for Event Planners, Event Coordinators, Event Administrators, PAs, EAs, Administrators, Office Managers and Secretaries. 
General Comment About this Specific Event:
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