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Perfect Table Plan is the best table seating and floor planning software available.

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PerfectTablePlan can help you plan your:
Wedding Event Corporate Events  
Award Ceremony Gala Dinners  
Banquet Charity Fundraisers  


12 reasons to use PerfectTablePlan:
  • Use for any number of events from a small wedding reception to a 2000+ seat banquet.
  • Easier and faster than scraps of paper or Excel.
  • Assign seats automatically or by drag and drop.
  • Manage guest details, RSVPs, meal choices and preferences.
  • Experiment with table shapes and sizes.
  • Print elegant floor plans, seating charts, place/escort cards and other stationery.
  • Handle inevitable last minute changes without stress.
  • Work offline. No Internet connection required.
  • Flexible licensing. Install on more than one PC/Mac.
  • Free support by email.
  • Inexpensive. Home Edition probably cheaper than feeding a single guest.
  • No risk. Try before you buy.

Create the best table seating plan in the least time

PerfectTablePlan, the ideal tool for seating plans for corporate events

Key PerfectTablePlan features for corporate events:

  • Powerful features save you precious time and effort.
  • Drag and drop guests onto seats - no more fiddling with scraps of paper or cutting and pasting into spreadsheets.
  • Can handle 2000+ guests.
  • Specify who you want to sit together or apart and let PerfectTablePlan assign seats.
  • Create scale floor plans.
  • Experiment with table shapes and sizes.
  • Keep track of budget, meal preferences and RSVPs.
  • Create reports for caterers and suppliers.
  • Avoid re-typing guest names and details by importing from spreadsheets and other formats.
  • Accommodate inevitable last minute changes with minimal stress.
  • Re-use previous seating plans as templates for new seating plans.
  • Print elegant plans, charts and stationery, including floor plans, table charts, guest lists, escort cards, place cards, table cards and badges.
  • Plan any number of events.
  • No recurring fees. Use indefinitely for a single payment.
  • 3 separate editions (Home, Advanced and Professional) to suit all requirements and budgets.
  • Available for Windows and Macintosh. A single licence covers both platforms.


Receive a 10% discount if you purchase this product through The Hedgehog Event.

This discount is not available if you purchase product directly through Perfect Table Plan. For quotes based on more than 3 users please contact us directly.


Prices depend on exchange rate based on these prices.


Option 1:

PerfectTablePlan Home Edition
for charity organizers, club secretaries and other frequent users.

Option 2:

PerfectTablePlan Advanced Edition
for charity organizers, club secretaries and other frequent users.

Option 3:

PerfectTablePlan Professional Edition
for professional event planners and corporates.


Buy a licence key from The Hedgehog Event to unlock PerfectTablePlan's full capabilities and get started immediately. No need to reinstall if you have already installed the free trial.

A licence key lasts indefinitely, can be installed on more than one PC/Mac (for your own use) and allows you to create any number of table plans

Once we have received payment confirmation, a license key will be emailed to you within 3- 5 days.

To download a trial product you can visit

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