The Hedgehog Event
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Hedgehog Vision
Are you a Fox or a Hedgehog Company?

Foxes pursue many ends at the same time and see the world in all its complexity. They are scattered and move in many directions, never integrating their thinking into one overall vision. These types of companies have many strategies but lack one focused vision.

Hedgehogs on the other hand, simplify a complex world into a single organised idea, a basic concept or vision that unifies and guides everything.
Our Brand - Simple. Focused. Consistent.
At The Hedgehog Event we believe that if your company behaves more like a Hedgehog and focuses on one basic concept or idea & if you reinforce this positive behaviour over & over again you will be successful no matter whether you are running an event or planning for the future of your business.

We are passionate about the events industry both in providing people with education and memorable life long experiences.

We offer training & events done in a fun and innovative way whilst still focusing on basic core brand concepts.

At our training events we will teach you how to develop a cohesive hedgehog vision that will connect your clients to your events & ultimately to your brand.
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